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Preface blog DDR special units (English language)

Preface blog DDR special units
This blog is the result of collecting and researching for almost 30 years of field uniforms and equipment of DDR special units.
Nearly all pictures of uniforms and equipment are from my own private collection.
This includes unique pieces. I used a few pictures of other collectors in some chapters. I have asked permission for that and I do mention the source of the picture.
For pictures of personell from special units of the GDR I used mainly GDR-literature such as phoyo books and the magazine “Armeerundschau”. I used with the permission of the owners very unique private photos. I mention as much as possible the source at this pictures. In a lonely case I couldn’t trace the source but the picture was important. I have asked the owner to contact me.

This blog isn’t meant to glorify the politics of the former GDR of which I distance myself. The blog is meant as militaria-historical information for other collectors and other interested in the subject.
On request of a former commander of the Fallschirmjäger of the NVA I hereby want to emphasize the difference between special units of the Ministry of Defence of the GDR, such as paratroopers, long range and special reconaissance units, reconaisance units, KSK-18, SSZ18 and the jump qualified units of the Ministry of State Security (MfS, the Stasi), such as the 2nd Reconaissance company of the Wachregiment Felix Dzierzynski, ArbeitsGruppe des Ministers/ Aufgabenbereich Sonderfragen-aufgaben (AGM/S), HA XXII and XXIII.
The ministry of the interior (MdI) had also special units, such as the Diensteinheit IX at her disposal.

I want to express my gratitute to all, including former servicemen, who provided me very helpful information and/or pictures. I want to thank: Birger, Thomas König, Uli Suhr, Peter Jänicke, Werner Giesselman, Kevin Born, Paul Madden, Dave McLaughlin, Gottfried Neis, Logo, Ingo, Kurt Karl, Gottfried Schott, Scorn, Jörg Kuhnt, Klaus-Dieter Krug, René R, Jürgen Räder, Roger Rohrbach, Dudley Greene.

Should I have forgotten someone, then please accept my humble excuses.

Last but not least I want to thank my dearest wife Jolanda who grants me space for living my hobby (attic and hobby room).

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